Central African Republic

Road To Genocide


In 2003, General François Bozizé seized control of the government and ruled the Central African Republic (CAR) as president until 2013. During his ten years in power, security and standards of living improved little for civilians as his regime faced armed opposition from multiple factions with varying political and economic grievances and was frequently accused by human rights groups of unlawful killing and torture.

"The tension between the government and rebels erupted into violance again with accusations that the Bozize regime failed to meet its promises under the peace agreement."

Amid the Violence: Central African Republic’s Looted Storefronts

Central African Republic has been wracked by inter-communal violence since Muslim Séléka militias seized power after ousting President François Bozizé in March 2013. Clashes between the Séléka forces and Christian vigilante anti-balaka or “anti-machete” factions continue as French and African Union forces struggle to contain the bloodshed.

"Jerome Delay’s images of looted Muslim-owned stores in Bangui, the country’s capital, provide an unsettlingly quiet look at the results of the ongoing conflict. The photographs show stores on the avenue leading to the PK5 neighborhood of the city — all of which have been looted over the past two days."

Violence in CAR - The Central African Republic conflict 'is not a religious one' - Truthloader

Central African Republic at risk of genocide, group says

The religous groups in Central African republic threaten to create the conditions for genocude reminiscent of Bosnia in theh 1990s and reqires swifr efforts by the government and the internatiols commmunity to stop the voilence.

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