8 Survival Tips

By: Carly Bell

1. Firepower

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Make sure there is plenty of firepower, not just guns and bullets but knifes, maybe even a sword! Protection is needed to stay alive, make sure there is a lot of it.

2. Destination

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Second is destination. Not just the woods scenario because there are more ways the zombies could sneak up but the destination should definitely be in the middle of nowhere, not a big city where there could be a bunch of zombies but a place where the zombies can be seen for miles.

3. Pick Smart People

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Third, pick smart people. Do not bring someone in the group of survivors that will slow the group down. Make sure everyone in the group has a job to do and that there are no freeloaders. someone could be washing the clothes by hand who knows just make sure everyone is doing something to help out the group.

4. Food and Water

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Fourth, when the apocalypse starts make sure the local stores have been hit to collect some can foods and water bottles, anything that will help keep the group well. Maybe even grab some medication in case someone gets sick.

5. Get in Shape

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Fifth, start exercising now. When the zombie apocalypse starts, make sure the group is healthy and can run for a long period of time to out run the zombies. Work the upper body strength so tree climbing is an option to get away from the zombies.

6. Be well Rounded

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Sixth, be a well rounded person. Study a little bit of everything, study herbs so figuring out which ones are eatible and which ones are poisonous. Study anatomy books to figure out how to be the group "doctor". Being well rounded is an important key.

7. Remain on Guard

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Seventh, it’s very important for the apocalypse that the group remains on guard. Even if there's a good thing going make sure that it is well secure at all times. Don’t get destracted which having a good time and then a group of zombies (or people) come and kill everyone and take everything the group has.

8. Follow That Gut Feeling

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Eighth, Finally it is important to follow that gut feeling. Make right calls by what feels right. Don't become upset every time something goes wrong or someone dies. There is nothing that can be done to change what happened. Yes, be upset but move on.

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