The perfect body image

What people aspire to be the perfect women over countries

This Topic

This topic is going to show you the immense amount of women across countries who are being pressured into fitting the image of what is described as the "perfect body". Skinny, thin waisted, larger breasts, thigh gaps, slim face, wider hips and a perky or "bootylicious" buttox. And why me and you should strive for what we believe is the perfect body not what social media or public figures or society put out as the perfect body.
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Why I chose this topic

I chose this topic because I feel people need to be aware of how far women are going to achieve the "Perfect body" and how this affects women of all ages. Many women strive to have the perfect body, not really to make them selves happy but to make the people around them happy. And this is not right we should be making our selves happy not the people around us happy.

"The perfect body" - Videos

Here are a few videos that will show you what women are being brainwashed into thinking what the perfected body is. And What the womens ideal body types are throughout history, and last but bot least beauty standards around the world.
The "Perfect" Body
Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History
Beauty Standards Around The World

Continuum for and against

This continuum Will show two view points displaying someone who is in favor of women having the perfect body and or someones opinion on why women shouldn't have the perfect body.

Jemma Dickson

Jemma Dickson strongly states she is most definitely against women having the perfect body. Shes states "Women should feel happy in there own skin" and what she means by this is, not feeling the need to change or modify themselves; keeping it natural. And she also points out "women should not have to change and modify themselves due to pressure of other people or public figures." And that women should strive for a healthy body not a perfect body no matter where you live or come from.

Grady Mcarthur

Grady Mcarthur on the other hand states Women should have the perfect body. And he backs this up by saying "because women with a body they are proud of self esteem would be a lot higher than the women with bodies they don't feel confident in, such as a toned woman vs a larger woman." He believes a woman with a more fitter body than a plus size woman would be more appealing to the public. He also mentions that the women with a larger body may fall into depression due to low self esteem and or bulling.

Body changes over time (Map)

These gathering of photos and descriptions shows you how long there has been a particular body shape that women are expected to strive for. Public figures such as models, actresses, singers aim to have that particular body shape which then many members of society then follow their foot steps from all over the world.


Girls from all over the world feel the pressure to for fill the requirements of having "The perfect body". Girls as young as 7 around the world are being treated for anorexia all due to society, they feel the need to follow in the foot steps of public figures, as they demonstrate what "The perfect body" is. They try all kinds of crazy things to achieve the perfect body, Starving them selves, not eating healthy, over working out, plastic surgery, taking medication and smoking just to name a few. This is far from the right thing, when I was seven years of age my body size, weight and looks was the last thing on my mind, I barley even took notice of what even a nice body was. I always had thought to my self right up until the age of 11 that the "perfect body" was a healthy happy body or person. But according to social media ive always been wrong. But im not going to let that get in the way of me putting out my point and demonstrating what women should think of or aspire the perfect body to be. The perfect body does most definitely not have to be what social media perceives it to be, but its what you perceive the perfect body to be. What you feel most comfortable as.