Should we Raise the Minimum Wage?

By: Kaitlyn Timbrook

Why Our Pay Deserves a Fair Raise.

If we raised our minimum wage it would bring millions of people out of poverty, which will help the economy. It will make it to where people can have more money and they will feel like they can spend more. Also, more people will be able to pay for the outrageous gas prices since they have increased in 2011. Now day’s people work more and in return get paid less. It’s time to make a change, and take up for the hard hours that we pour into this country. The government does not deserve our money anymore. We are all equal and it’s time for the government to show us that. With the economic downfalls that our country has been going through the prices for everything just keep rising. People cannot pay for these anymore and it’s time to change it. If we raise the minimum wage then more people will buy more and it will help the nation get out of debt.