Jungle News

information from the Jungle Cat Team

Language Arts with Mrs. Baxter

Ask your teen about...waves, tide, and gyres or the Book Buffet.

Ask your teen to see...their independent reading book.

UPCOMING: Reading Log is due October 27th!

U.S. History with Mrs. Parshley

Ask your teen about...the 9/11 final assessment.

Ask your teen to see...Information about Washington, DC trip in Google Classroom or handout (if parents didn't go to the meeting)

UPCOMING: Brand new unit; one of our essential questions will be: What makes a great president?

Science with Mrs. Barteaux

Ask your teen about...how land and sea breezes form.

Ask your teen to see...their science notebooks.

UPCOMING:becoming meteorologists

Math with Mrs. Gould

Ask your teen about...Trashketball solving equations game.

Ask your teen to see...solving equations mini summative assessment.

UPCOMING: solving for another variable.

Algebra with Mrs. Gould

Ask your teen about...trashketball.

Ask your teen to see...chapter one quizzes.

UPCOMING: unit assessment early next week.

Family and Consumer Science with Mrs. Hickman

Ask your teen about...their resume typed on their laptops.

Ask your teen to see...job applications.

UPCOMING:Career fair on October 25th!

General Jungle News

September Jungle Cat Awards

Each month, we award students based on their HOWLs for the month. Students get an award certificate and a prize bin item (yes, it's as good as the dentist's bin!).

September Jungle Cat Awards:

Ferocity Award (awarded to a student who attacked learning):

Ben Hines

Pounce Award (awarded to a student who jumped at the chance to help another):

Rhys Evans

Sealth (awarded to a student who works hard but doesn't need any flash):

Abby Davis

Fearless (awarded to the student who participates in all classes):

Alea Galbadis

Student of the month: Daphne Stratton-Gignac

Career Day is October 25th!


- Laptops need to be fully charged EVERY day! Students are not allowed to charge their computers in school.

- Laptops should not be in bedrooms overnight but in a central, "public" location.

- Plug into a switch that isn't on a light switch.


Mrs. Barteaux and Baxter are responsible for the silverware and composting efforts in the YMS lunchroom. Please, bring us any unwanted silverware you may have around the house!