Weekly Newsletter


Math/Wax Museum Update

This week we will be wrapping up our Unit "Area and Perimeter" on Tuesday, which will be the test day. The students did exceptionally well on their Friday Quiz, so we are going to keep moving forward so we can finish our last unit of the YEAR. We will be a doing a review in class Monday (5/9) so your child should be bringing home a review :)

Also, the rough draft paper (typed) is due this Wednesday (5/11) and it is BIG grade. I can't stress enough how important this paper is...I will be collecting them all and submitting them for a grade. I want to make sure everyone is on the right path towards success! It will also give the students a better idea of what we are looking for. If you have any problems, please just stop in after school or leave me a e-mail!

End of the year updates


5/17—Wilde staff meeting @ 4:00; PTO meeting @ 6:30

5/18—Pre-school “graduation”/last day of pre-school

Fire drill 3:00 (note change)

5/20—3rd/4th grade to Detroit Zoo; Matt principals meeting 9:30

5/20—Box tops winners ice cream celebration 3:00 (café)

5/25—Kindergarten to Upland Hill Farms

5/26—MICI program to Detroit Zoo 9-2

5/27-1/2 day dismissal @ 12:03



6/2—Wilde field day @ 1:00

6/8—5th grade 13 Colonies play

6/9—Kindergarten classes picnic 12-2

6/10—Service/safety to CJ Barrymoore’s 10-2

6/13—5th grade bowling

6/14—5th grade awards ceremony 10:00 in café

6/15—5th grade vs staff ball game

6/16—1/2 day dismissal @ 12:03, LAST DAY!!!