Peak experience

sumit today!

Econmic impact

Your experience in Nepal will help you find your self and also help nepal's economy. Nepal gets about 25,000 tourist every year,by contributing you can help sherpas make money from $

2,000 to $20,000 during the spring season,to support their families


Preparing for Everest is not an easy task, first you need money, and lots of it,about 10,000 to 45,000 dollars. There is a lot of physical and mental training.You will need to endore many hours of cardiovascular training, be able to walk in lots of snow, and carry heavy loads on your back in order to be useful to your team.

Climate on Everest

The climate on mount Everest in extremely cold,the summit temperature in january is -33 degrees fahrenheit. The atmospheric pressure for winter months November to March the jet stream will flow making wind increasingly colder.

Holly Angelo's Report

Sun-jo Sherpa becomes the youngest person to summit Mount Everest. With the help of Peak Marcello,Zopa Sherpa and Joshua Woods.This amazing feat of bravery shows extreme character in the 13 year old.

Biographies of the climbers

Zopa Sherpa is a wise tibetan monk,he is a skilled climber. He says he climbs so his grandson Sun-Jo does not have too. Sun-Jo sherpa is Zopa's grandson,his father died in an Everest avalanche. Peak marcello is a climber that helped sun-jo reach the sumit.