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Happy October!

Hello Heath Brook families,

Cool and crisp days can lead to warm afternoons. Our New England weather is indeed changeable. We want children to play outside as much as possible so please send them with appropriate outerwear. Labeling wouldn't hurt, as sometimes items get left behind. We will store any items found in the corner of the cafeteria by the door.

School Safety. A new year brings new opportunities to teach routines designed to keep all our students and staff safe in case of an emergency. We use drills to practice skill development so that, in the case of an actual emergency, we will know better what to do.

During the first week of school, we always practice a fire drill or evacuation drill with the Tewksbury Fire Department. As the year proceeds, our students and staff will practice other kinds of drills, usually once a month. These drills will include:

FIRE/EVACUATION - During a fire evacuation, students and staff will exit the building by the closest door possible. This is usually a door in the classroom.

ALTERNATE EVACUATION - Evacuation of building for reason other than fire. Instructions will be given regarding entrances/exits to be used or avoided.

LOCKDOWN - Employed when dealing with threat or potential threat to school building or occupants within the building.

LOCKOUT - Procedure used when dealing with threat or potential threat to the school from outside the building.

A.L.I.C.E. - ALICE is an acronym for a safety protocol adopted by the Tewksbury Public Schools in the event of an active shooter in the school.

Each of these drills is handled in a developmentally appropriate manner with our littlest ones. I will send a message to all families after a drill is completed so you will have information for any conversations at home.

Thank you. Your partner in safety,

Mrs. Gerrish

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Hello from the Gym!!

I am your child(ren)’s new Physical Education teacher and I have really enjoyed working with all of your students so far. I wanted to give you an idea of what we’ve been working on this year so far and what we’re going to be doing in the near future.

We started out in September focusing on spatial awareness and working on cooperative games so that I could get the kids working together as they started the new year and they did a great job! This week we started our unit on rolling or bowling a ball and will spend the rest of October working on games with the rolling motion. I think the kids are going to enjoy the games!

Just a reminder to please make sure your child(ren) wear(s) sneakers on days when they have PE just for their own safety when they are running around. I know it can be hard to keep track of their schedule so you can always pack sneakers in their bag that they can change into, especially once the weather gets snowier.

I hope your students are enjoying their school year so far and I look forward to working with

them more!

Paul Bea

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Notes from the Nurse


Happy Fall!

I hope your having a wonderful start of another school year. Just a few announcements.

Vision and Hearing Screenings

Every school year Vision and Hearing are done in grades Pre K, K through 5 and in grades 7 -10th grade. Parents will be notified of any problems requiring any medical follow-up, along with documentation to give to your child’s pediatrician. Any parent may opt out of specific screenings by submitting a written request to the school nurse.

Heights and Weights: Heights and weights are measured and body mass index (BMI) is calculated on children in grades 1, 4, 7 and 10.

Accident Illness Forms

Please remember to fill out an accident illness form for your child/children if you have not done so. Any updates such as, new phone numbers or address should be updated with the school secretary in writing at jcunningham@tewksbury.k12.ma.us


Does your child suffer allergies? Have cold like symptoms and it’s not COVID. Then it might be time to stock up on physician recommended allergy medications.

Be well, Stay well, Karen Rossi, RN

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Information from our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and Tewksbury Special Education PAC (TSEPAC)

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The Heath Brook School is one of two primary schools who serve students aged three through 7 who learn in preschool through grade 2.