Grand Canyon

bring a flask full of water full your whole family extra water is provided for large family or for family's that didn't bring water. Nothing should be brought that is not replacible for a low price. Phone are encouraged but keep in mind that there might be no internet connection. Snacks along the road are fine no wandering off by yourself no pets and finally no tampering with the landmark. We will be camping near the ridge. Please keep close to superiors near the ridge of the canyon and be safe

Grand canyon

Saturday, March 21st, 10am to Sunday, March 22nd, 12pm

Grand Canyon, AZ, United States


how are we going to arrange this!

Tuesday 10:00am

- we get to the site :D

- we set up camp and take roll


- go to the river and fish

-go boating!


- eat lunch

- prepare dinner


-free play in the grass area

- return to camp site


- curfew

- sleep



- Leave D: