By Sean and Matthew

Opportunity (Sean's comment)

I am excited for OC because if you make it in you go to schools such as Picnic Point and Georges Hall. We are going to St Joseph Banks Hall to study the test. After the first test , we would have a break that is only 5 minutes.

YMCA (Matthew's comment)

Sean I am not really interested, It's really just a test. I got something even more interesting, it is the YMCA! in the YMCA, they have Indoor Sports and they always have different things to do. I wonder what they will let us do next?

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Mathletics (SEAN'S COMMENT)

Mathletics is a program that is fun. It can be played on Ipad and computer . The point of Mathletics is that it train your brain to think very fast and by one minute you should already have finished more than 5 questions.

Public Speaking (Matthew's comment)

Public Speaking to me is nerve racking and exciting . I get to share a speech that I get three weeks to prepare.Althuogh , sometimes it can be very scary!

Active After Schools (Sean's comment)

Active after school is a fitness program where you train to know how to play sports such as, soccer, touch footy and many more! Also, it is a free program for everyone!
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