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- Having trouble accessing your e-mail on your iPad? Try this:

On your iPad, go to settings, mail, contacts and calendar. Click on the cps email account and then the account name at the top. Good chance that there are no dots in password area, if so, put in your active directory password (this is the password that you use to login to a computer here at school).

- If you have a student teacher, please send them to the Media Center to get their logins and copier passcodes. We will also give them a URL for their iPad so that they can enroll in Casper and get apps. If your student teacher does not have an iPad (MU requires certain subject areas to purchase an iPad), we would love to issue iPads to student teachers but right now, we do not have the extra inventory to do so.

- I am working to lift iPad restrictions for students who had them last semester. If you are unsure of which students have restrictions, please double check our iPad Status form. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19WN7JSoQe8-RGjts9MCQKjYfpphjhzbDpd0pbBEA1mg/edit?usp=sharing

- Matt Villasana, Instructional Technology Specialist is here every Thursday (and other times) and would love to get into classrooms to assist and offer support. I'm also available to help/offer support. Please contact us! :)