How To Dress For A Job Interview

By: Cheyenne Gunseor and Kaley Ludwig

Tips for guys

  • Stick to a solid navy or a solid dark grey suit
  • Avoid double breast suit, preferred single breast suit
  • Clean nails, a freshly combed hair, pressed pants and neatly tucked in shirt
  • Go with 100% cotton, with no blends
  • Tie colors should be a classical color such as, burgundy, navy blue or green

Tips For Women

  • If you wear a skirt keep it lose enough to sit comfortably, length should be at or below the knees
  • Black leather pumps with heels no higher then 3"
  • Women with long hair should tie it back so it does not become a distraction
  • Do not wear jeans, t-shirts, sneakers or canvas slip-ons
  • Make-up minimum, not as much