Getting Technical

Teachers, Throw Away the Old Playbook

Staying Traditional While Heading for the Future

Straying away from the traditional ways of teaching is not something that is easy or comfortable for a lot of people. It may not seem logical to change tradition, but in education things are always changing and that is how we grow as teachers and get our students to grow as learners. If we are constantly learning, then the students will be too. By incorporating technology in the classroom, we are giving students a chance to learn to their full potential.

Actively Engaging in Learning Through Technology

Traditional Methods vs. Technology

There are benefits to teaching the traditional way because you can ensure that students will not play during the lesson on the tool that they are supposed to be learning with. But, if a teacher is just lecturing and not using all of their available resources, the student is not getting the opportunities they deserve.

  • In this video below you can see how students are actively participating in the lesson because they are using technology.

Technology in Early Childhood Family Education Classrooms

Student Motivation

It has been shown that students who were not very motivated in the classroom without technology were noticeably more motivated when they were able to use technology. It has effected students in positive ways and makes them want to learn. In order to be good teachers, we need to put the students first. So, if we are keeping the students motivated, that will keep up motivated as well.

Education is the Key to Success

This video below is a good example of the difference between traditional teaching methods and the constructivist teaching method.

Constructivist vs. Traditional Classroom

Students' Use of Technology

If you look at this chart you can see just how much students of all ages are engaging in technology in the classroom. By giving them this opportunity, they can explore their education in many ways rather than just reading out of a textbook.