The Sticky Eaters

Should Gum Be Allowed In School?

Should gum be allowed in school?

Most schools don't allow gum. But should they? Most schools don't let their students chew gum because of the sticky mess, or the distractions it cause in many classes. However reaches shows that gum can help students learn and remember better and faster. So should this sticky situation be allowed in school? They should because it helps the student in many ways to improve brain growth.

How does the gum help?

Did you know that people that chew gum are more likely to get higher and better grades at school. Studies show that it can "improve brain activity" and it can lead to better results in school. This is a reason that gum should be allowed in school. However having gum in class can lead to some a bad thing inside the class like distractions and a dirty class. Sure his is bad but if you were a teacher wouldn't you not care if you had a drity class if your student were getting better grades in your class?