Amendment 2: By Rohan Rajan

The Right to Bear Arms

The Original Text

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The Explanation

This is also a very simple amendment to explain. It is basically saying that a state should have a well regulated and protective Military or Militia, and the citizens of that state have been given the privilege to bear arms, which means carry guns. The Congress or any form of government cannot change this right, unless another amendment is passed that repeals this one.


In the old days when the Amendments to the Constitution have been started, only the military had possession of guns. When the thought of only the military having guns came up, the Founders of the Constitution pondered. They decided to give the people the right to carry weapons around. I think this is included based on our history is because the British were still at war with us. If the British soldiers came into the citizens houses and raided them along with the owners, they would have no way to defend themselves. That is probably why the need for citizens to have possession of a gun: for self-defense.

Current Uses

This is probably the amendment that is currently being brought up the most. There have been many shootings because of this amendment. This amendment states that all citizens can have possession of guns. Examples of this are the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting or the Batman Movie Shooting. Some politicians believe that this right should be limited. That is why our current presidents are looking for a way to control the distribution of guns.

My Opinion

I do not oppose this amendment but also I do not support or favorite it, and I have many reasons why that I do not support or oppose this amendment. I would oppose this amendment because there have been too many shootings happening in one time. I have not seen any shape or form of the control of the guns the shooters are possessing. But, I also do not support this amendment because people should need weapons to defend themselves from burglars or other forms of criminals. I think they should reduce the amount of guns they give out, but you should be able to get guns from a legal dealer.
Rohan Rajan

American Government Period 4