For our beloved RASCO

Temperaments and Training

This amazing breed is explained by these 5 words: Powerful,calm,trainable,courageous, and devoted to its family. Loyal and protective also configure with this breeds personality, its also a natural guard dog with reliable temperament and is laid-back. If this breed senses a bad feeling about anyone near the house that person is not even getting to the sidewalk. It is very important to remember that training should start at an early age, you have to let your dog know that your the boss not him. But when that comes to an end your rottweiler will act correctly.

Height and Weight, Health, Living, Exercise and Grooming

Height: Males, 24-27 inches! Weight: Males, 95-130 lbs! This breed is prone to hip dysplasia and entropion. Tends to snore and can over heat easily. The rottweiler breed is inactive indoors and needs to be exercised daily, such as walks everyday, playing, or swimming! This unique breed lives about 10-12 years so if you want that coat to stay the same you have to brush regularly and have baths when necessary but be careful this breed is an average shedder!

Puppies for sale!!!!

Remmy is male full blooded Rottweiler who is adorable and only a couple weeks old! And Remmy is only $260, even I could pay for that!