Fall Tech Tool Fest

Pear Deck

Make your presentations interactive and add formative assessments with Pear Deck.
How does Pear Deck Work?


Movenote allows you to record video and audio alongside documents or images from your Google Drive. You can add video instructions to Googledocs, slides, etc. You can use it for tutorials, flipping your classroom, student presentations and more.

MoveNote Tutorial for Chromebook Use

Doodle 4 Google

What Makes Me?

From cave paintings to selfies, artists have always found creative ways of expressing themselves. Now, with the Google homepage as their canvas, we’re asking students to do the same. Young artists can doodle with any materials to show what makes them unique, and the winner’s artwork will be featured on our homepage for a day.

How to Create A Syllabus in Google Docs

Create the Perfect Syllabus Using Google Docs