Computing Hardware's

Easy simple guide for Comuter Hardware

Hard drives

An Hard drive is a system that can allow you to save data on your computer safetly, it can also allow you to take out data that had been already been put in to it. It stores all of your saved data from your work/games/music etc. The data storage is the safest place to save your thing rather than using the interenet to save things.

Optical Drives

An Optical Drive is a disk reader which can allow you to insert cd/disks and allow them to read it and pass on the data through your computer. You may also wish to save data by inserting a disk and saving in the disk whilst it is in.


A monitor is the main screen of every computer/laptop, without that there would be no way to visualy way to see what you are doing on your computer. It displays video and graphic information using a Video card, or you could improve the graphics using a graphics card.

Input/Output devices

An Input device is like a mouse or a keyboard which gives information through electronic signals giving instuctions into a computer and shows the data.An Output device is like a USB stick which can process the data and plays through the computer translating the data.

Touch Screens

An touch screen device allows the user to control the computer using the tips of their fingers and allows them to do everything they need with or without a mouse or keyboard. E.G an ipad can do everything a computer can do.