________AUGUST 24- SEPTEMBER 7_____

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Please read the MRSA 2015 - 2016 Parent and Student Handbook.

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Middle School Math

We are off to a great start! Thank you for those who have taken the time to complete the student form (this is for all students/parents who has a child taking a class from any 7th or 8th grade teacher) on my welcome page. If I teach your child I would love for you to complete the “parent assignment.” You will also find that assignment, “In a Million Words or Less…” as a link on my Welcome page. Here is the url,


If you or your child would like to get a daily reminder about what we cover each day and assignments emailed to you, then please subscribe to the course for math. We could use some facial tissue for our classroom. We only have three boxes for the year.

Math 1a

The class is reviewing Pre-Algebra concepts and will continue to do so for several more days. We should be ready for a written assessment over these concepts the week of September 7th.

Math 1b

Students have been reviewing Systems of Equations. We plan to test over these concepts after Labor Day.

Math 2

Students are learning about Points, Lines, and Planes. Our 1st test will be the week of Labor Day.

Math 3

Students are finishing reviewing Algebra 1 and will be tested Wednesday, Sept 2nd. We then will begin a study of functions.