African History

By: LaDania Dean


  1. What is Pan Africanism? An Idea that people of African descent share a common history, culture, and experience therefore should work together throughout the world because of their common culture.

  2. What is Imperialism? Building of an empire.

  3. What is Nationalism? Ones pride in their country.

  4. When did Kenya get its independence? December 12, 1963.

  5. When did South Africa get its independence? May 31, 1910

  6. When was the Berlin Conference? 1884

  7. Who established apartheid? Afrikaners

  8. What century did Pan-Africanism begin efforts to end slavery and the slave-trade? 19th century

  9. Who had the majority of the power? Whites

  10. Groups pushing for independence in Nigeria are called? Political Parties

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Birth Rate... Death Rate... Poverty Rate... Kenya- South Africa- Nigeria- Sudan.

Nigeria has the greatest Poverty Rate over Kenya, South Africa, and Sudan. Poverty is the state of being extremely poor. The causes of poverty is extreme growth in population, famine, drought, and less education. South Africa's Poverty Rate is low compared to the other 3 countries because they have a lower birth rate (their death rate is closer to their birth rate).

Nigeria also has the greatest Birth Rate over all the countries. Birth Rate is the number of live births per thousand of population per year in a country. Because of the high birth rate Nigeria has a high poverty rate, this is because there are not enough jobs around.

The Graph below shows the variety between birth rates, death rates, and poverty rates of Nigeria, Sudan, and South Africa.

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