Lauren's Media Projects

My name is Lauren K

I wanted to take media because it would teach me so many things with technology that I never knew. Here are some of the ports I have done so far in media.

News Broadcast with lauren and price

News Broadcast Port

Price and I chose this port because it sounded fun to do. We where able to make a fun version of the news using the green screen.
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Photoshop Journal

The photoshop journal is to keep track of everything we photoshop. Underneath are the steps we took to fix it.

Documentary Port

We did this port to help find out more about someone in our class. I got to interview Surya then make this documentary about his life so far.
How to video

How To Port

This port Matt and I got to create any how to video to try to help people. We picked one of the most important things to students: how to study