Grand Canyon National Park

by. Madison Kasten

Out of the many national parks in the United States the Grand Canyon is very unique. The canyon also has very interesting history as well as astonishing features. Grand Canyon National Park is also visited by many people in the U.S and other parts of the world.Grand Canyon is truly amazing don’t you think.

Grand Canyon's many astonishing features

The Grand Canyon is an astonishing U.S national park. Scientists came to realize that this canyon is one mile deep, two hundred seventy-seven miles long, and varies from less than one mile to eighteen miles wide. Grand Canyon National park is on the northwestern part of Arizona. The Grand Canyon itself only cuts through the northwestern part of Arizona because the Colorado river is at the bottom of the canyon. This titanic canyon also has vegetation. Ponderosa pine trees grow extremely well on the canyon's edge and juniper and pinon ,types of pine trees, are in the lower bits of the south side. This canyon is more beautiful than you think.

Grand Canyon's past

The history of the Grand Canyon is actually pretty fascinating. The canyon was made from the Colorado river, but it took over millions and millions of years for it to form. Many scientists came to realize that some of the oldest rocks in the canyon date back to roughly two billion years. That's an old rock. The canyon was first discovered by a group of Spanish explorers who were lead by Garcia Lopez de Cárdenas. They were the first to discover the canyon, but the canyon was not named until an American geologist named John Wesley Powell found it. The Grand Canyon was first found by the explorers in 1540, but was never named until 1869 when John Wesley Powell found it. Grand Canyon National park was never established until 1919.

Planing a trip

Grand Canyon National Park is also very fun to visit. There are many activates for you to do at the canyon some of them are Walking the trail of time, taking a day hike, or just taking a hike on a trail. Another activity you can do is rafting on the Colorado river. You can move yourself from place to place by driving along park roads, walk along the canyons rim, or possibly ride mules into the canyon. The many park roads have astonishing viewing points along them as well as being breath taking them selves. The climate in the canyon is strange for example the bottom of the canyon is warmer than the top. 25 degrees Fahrenheit higher to be exact. The average amount of rain varies from 7 inches at the bottom of the canyon to 26 inches at the top of the canyon. The different types of climate create several different areas, witch have a wide variety of plants and animals. This canyon is a very interesting place to see.

How the Grand Canyon got its beautiful design

Many years ago when only the Olympian gods existed Poseidon believed that the present day Colorado river should have a magnificent piece of earthen art as its bed. So he went to the goddesses Gaia and Aphrodite to help him make his magnificent river bed. Once the two goddesses agreed they began work. Gaia began wearing away the earth around the canyon as Aphrodite helped guide her Poseidon also got a say on how wide and deep his river bed would be, but the goddesses did just about everything based on how it looked. Once the goddesses were finished they got a big thanks from Poseidon. To this day, if you ever visit the magnificent canyon, you can still see the work Poseidon,Gaia, and Aphrodite have done to make it magnificent.

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