Dress Code

Lauren Wessel

School dress codes

Three dress codes I respect and follow is 1.) I wear shoes to school. 2.) I don’t wear clothing that has drug or drug use on it. 3.) I wear proper length pants. This code was established because it’s not safe to go everywhere barefoot. If girls wear short mini skirts and shortie shorts probably over half of students would be failing because of the distraction. It might change in the future it shouldn’t because already some people don’t follow the code.

I don’t have three codes I disagree with but one I do disagree with is having your back showing even if it’s just a little bit it should be okay unless if it shows your lower back. I’m not sure why it was established. It might change in the future.

Three codes not currently being used that should be used is the saggy pants, shorts being too short.

It should be used because we don't like seeing guys boxers and more than needed on girls.

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