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30.38 million


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Flag of peru

Red represents the blood that was spilled for the fight for independence and white represents peace and bravery.
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most populated citys

Three most populated cities are Lima Arequipa and Trujillo


1250 BC

Native Indian groups build settlements in Peru.

1100 AD

The Chimú people build a capital at Chan Chan. It is said to have been the largest adobe city in the world.


The Inca Empire begins its rise to power. Over the next 100 years, the small tribe builds the largest empire in the Americas.


Spanish soldiers led by Francisco Pizarro defeat the Incas. Pizarro declares Lima the new capital of Peru in


Peru wins its independence from Spain. It's the last colony in Latin America to do so

peru economy

peru has a free market economy

peru economy

perus goverment Unitary state, Presidential system, Constitutional republic, Republic

things to do

things you could do in peru is visit machu picchu or go visit Peruvian Amazon Basin, Visit the Larco Museum in Lima, buy some pink peruvian salt at its source, or go to the Cusco Handicraft Market.
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You should come to peru to visit the cool markets or visit machu pacchu or go see the amazon basin.