200m Backstroke

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming,...

The Strong and Determined

Swimming is a common skill that many know and is dated back many years. Everyone loves a good a swim in the water, but what about a 200m backstroke. The Backstroke is when a person is swimming on their back while moving their arms backwards. It takes a good amount of determination and strength to swim like this for 200m.

Catching Up

The fastest time in the 200m backstroke for men gold medalists are 113.41 seconds performed by Tyler Clary. For women gold medalists the fastest time is 124.06 seconds which was performed by Missy Franklin. The men's time is faster than the women's, but the women's time is progressing and getting faster.
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The Goal

In a certain amount of years, the women's time will either exceed or be the same as the men's time. The goal of this study is to find the year of when this will occur.

Scatter Plot

The magenta square points represent the women gold medalist times in the 200m backstroke. The men gold medalist times are represented by the blue square points.

Linear Regression

The blue linear regression line represents the men's gold medalists for the 200m backstroke. The red line represents the women gold medalist times over the years.

The CatchUp Year?

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According to the Intersection shown above, in the year 3127 men and women gold medalists will have the same time. The graph also says that it will take them -126.36 seconds approximately to do the event. This is not possible. It cannot take the gold medalists less than 0 seconds to swim the 200m backstroke. This concludes that the women gold medalist times will never catch up with men gold medalist trimester the 200m backstroke.

The Y-Coordinate

The y-coordinate is the vertical line and the second coordinate point in an ordered pair. In the graph it represents the time in seconds the men and women gold medalists achieved over the years. According to the graph, when women medalists catch up with men medalists when they both approximately have the time of -126.36 seconds. The graph shows that men and women medalists will have less than 0 seconds as their 200m backstroke time one day. This is not possible and so this means that their times will never be the same. Women medalists will never catch up with the men

The X-Coordinate

The X-coordinate is the horzantil line on the graph and is the first coordinate point in an ordered pair. On the graph, it represents the years. The graph shows that in the year 3127 women medalists will catch up with men medalists. The Olympic year would be 3128. Women gold medalist times would catch up with the men gold medalist times in more than 1,000 years from now, but the time they would take would be around -126.36 seconds. This cannot happen so that means women's time will never catch up with the men' time.