Civil War America's epic Struggle

Social Studies Middle School By: Chandler Bradshaw

Components of the App

-Introduces history to the students in a way that they will never forget

-Features more than hour of multimedia, 1000 photos and 100 authentic maps

-Provides info that is presented in a way that is better for teachers

-Some of the battle's covered include Fredericksburg, Vicksburg, and Fort Sumter

-Timelines, music, biography, pics and much much much more!!!!!!

- Have the history of the civil war in the palm of your hand!!!!

-18 different navigable categories for classroom!!!!

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Easy to use= Fun way to learn about history

-Pop-up keyboard to enter any term

-can send any picture or article of the internet-connected to email.

-Images and documents can be marked as favorites.

- Navigable and easy to access

Why have app for your middle school class???

A way for students to visualize what the civil war was like.

It generates tons of information easily.

Great for social studies class setting.

Fun for kids and plenty of facts they will enjoy to learn.

Isn't boring and will help the kids stay focused.

Price of app and seller


Multieducator inc

Application ratings

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