Weekly Launch

March 27-March 31


Teacher Self Report 2 opens on March 27 and will close on April 13

LEADS --http://tinyurl.com/leadstsrIIdirections

PDAS-in Eduphoria

Please remind your parents that next week will be a closed campus due to testing. If you need to schedule a conference on Thursday or Friday, that is ok.

A friendly reminder that we do not use chalk on the building. It is really hard to clean it off since the porch keeps the rain off of it. Our power washer is not working and we have had parents complaining about the chalk. Thanks for making sure students never write on the brick.

We have quite a few students on the failure report. Please be sure to contact those parents and let them know about their grade. Also, if a student has dropped significantly, contact those parents also.

4th and 5th-please save testing celebrations until all students have made up their test

Suzi will send a remind when testing is done for the day on Tuesday and Wednesday

Important Dates

March 27-

March 28-STAAR-4th-writing/5th-math

March 29-STAAR-5th reading

March 30-Make-ups

1st grade field trip

Wear your Character shirts with jeans

March 31-

Perfect Attendance

Shout out to the following ladies who had perfect attendance the past 9 weeks!

Nicole Janese

Dawn McIntyre

Heather Patterson

Michele Radler

Christine Wagner

Thanks for always being here!

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Fairness

Word of the Week-attentiveness

Morning Announcements-Office

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Word of the Week-Common

11 Principles of Character Education

Principle 2-Effective character education defines "character" comprehensively to include thinking, feeling, and behavior.

Character education is not another thing on your plate--it is the plate-Anonymous

Principle 2 broadly conceptualizes good character as a combination of understanding core ethical values, being emotionally committed to these values, and living them in words and actions.

Asking students to take the role of another person, to imagine themselves in that person's shoes, is very helpful in getting them to take the plight of others seriously.

Problems that arise in interactions with others are what inform, test, and forge individual character. Issues that affect the entire class are excellent material for teaching problem solving strategies. Problem-solving sessions on issues can help students learn to be proactive and take responsibility for the classroom culture.

Students need help in developing behavorial skills. An effective strategy for developing these skills is as follows:

-understand and value the reasons for performing the behavior

-break a behavior into steps

-observe a model

-practice the skill steps

-receive feedback and reinforcement for the behavior

-repeat the behavior in different settings

Shout outs!

A shout out to:

-4th and 5th for getting ready for round 1 of STAAR

-Kinder for a good mega week right after we came back from Spring Break

-Kinder and 1st for getting 3rd nine weeks progressions done!

-TELPAS rating is complete-thanks Susan and Pamela for all your work with this

-for being an attentive audience when Dr. Smith came