tropical rainforest

The climate in the Rainforest

In an average year in a tropical rain forest, the climate is very humid because of all the rainfall, which amounts to about 250 cm per year. The rain forest has lots of rain because it is very hot and wet. The Rain Forest does have precipitaion cause of the wetness and heat.

The producers of the Rain Forest

The plants give energy to the animals so they can eat. The producers are plants, trees, and the sun. The plants have to adapt to their enviroment and the climate.

The consumers of the Rain Forest

The consumers of the Rainforest are the monkeys,exotic birds, jaguars, and cheetaha. The animals have to adapt to their enviroment and there prey. Many animals are omnivors. Some are carnivors that eat there prey.

Human Impact Article

Human activities have severely disrupted the rainforests of the world. Millions of acres are lost each year to farming, logging (much of it illegal), mining, and other human endeavors. If unchecked, these activities could potentially eliminate the rainforests of most of Asia, Africa, and South America.

Questions To The Human Imapct Article

We should be concerned about the deforstation of the Rainforest.

The impact of the Rain forest is not good for the pets and there population.

These impacts are occuring in Asia, Africa, South America.

The human activity is that we are using to much paper.

The animal population are being affected cause we are killing there homes.

The only thing we could do in the future is going electronic.