Carbon Microphone

Eden Kereky

What is it?

A carbon microphone is an invention that is made to amplify your voice to make it louder for more people to hear. The Carbon Microphone was invented in 1878 by David Edward Hughes. His invention was the early model of carbon microphones now in use today.

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Evolution of MIcrophones

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Why is this invention is helpful?

This invention is very helpful when you want to tell people a speech, report important news,school announcements, some jobs like coal mining and working in big manufacturing factories and even concerts.

Why is this invention important?

This is important because if there was like a shooting in your school you would have to inform the school and tell them where the predator is so you could get out quicker. This might change your life because it could help you in very dangerous situation and when you want people ti hear what you have to say or if you are at a concert and you want your fans to hear.

Where can this be used?

Microphones can be used at mining,chemical manufacturing, news broadcast, schools, speeches out to the public, etc..

What does this do?

microphones convert sound waves into electrical energy. Different types of microphones have different ways of converting energy but they all share one thing in common which is the diaphragm.
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