The Swinging Sixties

A Story of Canada's Most Defining Decade

By: Catherine Zhong


The 1960's is a pivotal decade in history because many things that were created in the 60's Canadians still benefit from today. People like Lester B. Pearson, who created the CPP, student loans etc. help change Canada for the better. Canada's flag was created during the 60's, and the first human rights bill was passed. The long time project of the Trans-Canada Highway was completed and it was all done in the 60's. As the 60's brought many troubles for Canada, it was a time for economic growth through the auto pact and the TCH, it made way for the most influential PM, PM Pearson, and it helped gain human rights, and it came with the creation of our Canadian Flag today. The 60's gave us our identity, and it helps us today with the international reputation of peace from the maple leaf, and medicare.


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