2nd Hand News

New Beginnings

The 2nd grade has come together to begin our life as a classroom community. The children shared their summer adventures and brought some very interesting facts with them. They learned that they have much in common, while still being their own people. This is a wonderful, enthusiastic group and they did well getting back into the swing of school--learning classroom routines, the truth about the secret door, diving back into Fundations, number sense, math facts, and place value. They created their own WordArt and unique cubby tags. The children offered suggestions for classroom rules and articulated some hopes and dreams for 2nd grade. It was wonderful to see many of you at Back to School Night. We are off to a great start by building a strong foundation.

A Few Things:

  • DISMISSAL. Please make sure that your child knows what he/she should be doing at 3 pm every day. Dismissal charts come home on Fridays for the next week.
  • LUNCH. Please pack utensils with your child if their snack/lunch requires them. We "pack in/pack out" and the school does not provide utensils. Also, please make sure your child is able to unscrew his/her thermos by him/herself and manage other containers. Thank you for helping to promote 2nd grade independence!
  • Spelling homework is due on Thursdays, and any math homework that comes home is due on Fridays.
  • OCTOBER READING CALENDARS came home, the goal is 60 minutes per week.
  • NO SCHOOL on October 10th.
  • BIG FRIEND/LITTLE FRIEND Scarecrow Walk is October 12th, please send in permission slip if you have not already done so.
  • BFS 5k run October 15th.
  • BROWN PAPER BAGS: any shopping or grocery bags that you could send in would be appreciated for our study of Lenape culture.

Enjoy the cooler weather that has finally arrived and if you get a chance, ask your 2nd grader why the leaves turn color!

In partnership,

Mrs. Nyce