Alex Reynolds


airfare cost and schedule

I am going from Denver to Rome, Itay. I will make one stop the cost is $28,294. I am flying First class.I will be making one stop in the U.K. Then i will take the next plane to Rome, Italy.


I shall be staying at Parco dei Principi grand hotel & spa for $439. this is on Travelocity. I found the same hotel for the same price on Kayak. The pool seems to stretch as long as the grand canyon.(capitalize) Also the rooms are

(Finish and let me know when you're done and then I will revise.),Italy-c25465/2014-04-24/2014-05-14/2guests/2rooms

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Problems and solutions

One problem i might come across in Rome,Italy is the language. A solution to that is to get a translater app on my phone. Also with all the tourist many people speak Engish.


Of all the places Rome, Italy was my destination there were many options for flights but a lot of them had 2 or more stops so I decited to go on this flight it seemed right.