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Freedom Park Newsletter August 27th

Numeracy Week

We are so excited to announce August 28 – September 1, 2017 is RCSS Numeracy Week! This annual event allows us to celebrate the importance of numeracy learning with our students. Getting involved in RCSS Numeracy Week is a great way for parents, schools, and the community to help kids develop their numeracy skills.



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Recipe Contest - Recipes Due Aug. 28th

I got us all into something, oops. I wrote a letter to the school nutrition department at Richmond Co. Schools discussing National Sandwich Month (Aug) and about healthy delicious sandwich recipes for our students. They responded loud and clear with the following contest. Me and my big mouth! I am happy because its for our kids. Please work with your kiddos to create a healthy sandwich recipe so we can knock out the competition and have a collection of FPS sandwich recipes. Please get them in ASAP because its only through the end of the month. You recipe can be placed on the Richmond Co. Schools Lunch Menu. The following is Richmond Co. School Nutrition response to my letter:
Dear Dr. Singh,
In response to your National Sandwich Month suggestions, there will be an “entrée recipe challenge” this month. I would love for your students to possibly submit healthy “sandwich recipes”. I have attached the current recipe competition information and for next year maybe we will be able to expand on more of your wonderful ideas. I truly appreciate your support and participation in our nutrition program!

Follow Us on Social Media

We have several active social media pages. The pages are a great place to have discussions and provide instant information regarding school updates.

Twitter: Freedom Park School

Instagram: Freedom Park School

Facebook: Freedom Park School and Freedom Park School PTA

Remind Updates (for school updates): https://www.remind.com/join/f83ec

Remind Bus Arrival and Departure (for updates of arrival and departure of buses daily). We will text when each bus arrives and departs the school. This service is to ensure parents aren't waiting at bus stops for long periods and know when their student left the school https://www.remind.com/join/2269b

Help w/ Intake, Lunch. and Dismissal - Call 706/ 796-8428

We need your help. As you can imagine, the morning intake, lunch, and dismissal are some of the busiest times of the day. How can you help? If you can help at any of these times, please call the front office.

Morning (8:20-9:00)

  • Help ensure cars do not park or drop off students in the bus loading area.
  • Help ensure students are walked across the street safely (parents should not be letting students out to walk across the parking lot).
  • Welcoming students to school in a cheerful manner (high fives, encouraging words, etc).
  • Cafeteria helper (breakfast).
  • Help students in the morning car line and ensure parents pull as far up as possible to get parents off the street.
  • Help teachers get students started (unpacking, passing out items, collecting items, etc.).
  • Hall monitor.

Lunch (anytime between 10:55 and 1:20)

  • Managing lines and tables.
  • Helping students open items.
  • Any other assistance teachers or food nutrition needs.

Dismissal (3:30 - 4:30)
  • Help ensure cars do not park or drop off students in the bus loading area.
  • Help ensure students are walked across the street safely (parents should not be letting students out to walk across the parking lot).
  • Help students in the afternoon car line and ensure parents pull as far up as possible to get parents off the street.
  • Help teachers get students ready for dismissal (packed, passing out items, etc.).
  • Help teachers get students to designated dismissal area.
  • Hall monitor.

How Are We Doing?

We want to hear from you. What are some things you love about Freedom Park? What are some opportunities for improvement? Did you see something that you thought would be really great for our kids? Complete the survey to let us know: https://s.surveyplanet.com/BkuUBM9I-x

Options for Dismissal

Following the rules for dismissal makes for a safe and orderly dismissal. It also gives us an opportunity to model appropriate behavior in social settings for our students. The following are options for dismissal of our precious Eagles.

Car Rider

Students are lined up by grade level at the rear of the school. Students are escorted to their parents car by an adult.


Walk Ups are held in the large gym. Parents wait outside until the doors are open at 4pm (usually about 2 min before 4pm). Parents walk in and get their student. Please do not park in the bus loading zone. Also, if you wait until a little after 4pm, this is probably your best option if you don't like long lines.


Students who are old enough to walk home alone and/or walk home with a sibling (please follow Garrison Command orders concerning walking siblings home) are held in the art room until they are dismissed.

Teen Center

Students who attend the teen center walk to the teen center after dismissal. Our students love this option. Please check it out if you have not already done so.


Students who receive after school care through CYS are held in the large gym. CYS representatives escort them to the center.

Future Eagles - Eaglets

At Freedom Park we understand 90% of children's critical brain development occurs by age 5. Children who are read to, sung to, and talked to from a young age develop larger vocabularies, become better readers, and are more likely to succeed in school. Start early to ensure your students success. Freedom Park would like to partner with you to prepare your child for early success regardless of where you choose for them to attend school. This program is for preschool aged children 2-5 years of age. Best of all, its free. Check out Smarty Ants, your kids will love it! https://static1.squarespace.com/static/587fbed9414fb56f5c146008/t/594adc69c534a51027f697c8/1498078317065/Smarty+Ants_Flyer.pdf

Golden Apple

The Golden Apple Award honors those who believe in the true spirit of teaching by making classrooms a fun and safe place of learning. Do you know a teacher who has left a lasting impression in your family? Help us acknowledge those who are rarely recognized. If you know an outstanding teacher who deserves recognition for their efforts in the classroom, we want to know. Nominate your teacher hero at: http://wjbf.com/golden-apple-nomination-form/

Teacher of the Year - Ms. Sandra Owens

Please join Freedom Park in congratulating the teacher of the year for 2017-2018, Ms. Sandra Owens. Ms. Owens is a 4th grade teacher at The Park. She is dedicated to ensuring her students are not only prepared for fifth grade, but also develop into life long learners. Congratulations Ms. Owens!

Freedom Park SPLASH - 2nd Grade

Freedom Park will participate in FLASH 8/28-9/1.