Goals and Values Assignment

Luis Lopez

One Goal v. Another

Economic growth and innovation might use resources to find new ideas that fail, that means we are not using our resources efficiently and it interferes with the economic efficiency.

Madagascar v. Canada; Education

Canada spends much more time on their education than Madagascar does. Canadians on average go to school for 15.9 years while Madagascans go for 10.3 years. Also, Canadians go to school earlier with 71.6% of pre-primary children attending school, while in Madagascar, pre-primary attendance is only at 13.4%

Madagascar v. Canada; Income

Canadians make a lot more on average than Madagascans. The GNI for Canada is $42155 compared to just $1328.30 in Madagascar.
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Madagascar v. Canada; Security

Madagascar has a higher Homicide rate than Canada with an 11.1 per 100000 people, compared to 1.6 per 100000 people. Also Canada has a higher prison population with 118 people in prison per 100000 people compared to 87 people in prison per 100000 people in Madagascar.
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Madagascar v. Canada; Employment

Jobs are more apparent in Madagascar with 85.4% of people over the age of 15 working while only 61.5% of people working in Canada. Canada also gives people more time for maternity leave. Canada requires 105 days for maternity leave while Madagascar gives 98 days.
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