The Rabaduex Reader

May 8, 2016

Thank you!

I really enjoyed Teacher Appreciation Week last week! Thank you for your kind words and gifts! And know that YOU are just as appreciated by me as I know that you are your child's first and best teacher. Thank you for all you do to teach your child!

Speed to Read

The competition is technically over for the year -- although I'd love for everyone to keep reading at home. We travel back to Texas Motor Speedway on May 24th to find out the final results. What I do know is that our class read an impressive 6,985 books this year! (Remember, for 2nd graders, they counted each chapter as 1 book.) Win or lose, that amount reading is to be commended!!

Monday's Message Folder

This week's folder will be pretty full so I want highlight 2 of the most important things:
1. Six Flags Ticket: Each student is receiving 1 complimentary ticket to Six Flags as a reward for all of their reading this year. Just a heads up so it doesn't accidentally get recycled :)
2. Scholastic Orders: The final Scholastic order form is coming home. In order for the books to arrive before summer, all orders must be submitted by Wednesday, May 18th. If ordering online, use our code: JGLFX. ***Please do not order My Father's Dragon as that story is part of my end-of-the-year gift to each kiddo (unless you'd like for them to have multiple copies).