Middle School Message

Weekly Update: Back To School Edition

Our mission: We are a community of learners inspiring each child to explore, grow, and achieve.

Message from the Principal

Welcome Back!!

I am Jessica Corum, the principal of Lakewood Middle School, and this will be my weekly parent newsletter. I will send it directly to the email address you provide in your annual registration forms, post it on our school website, and share it on our school's social media.

We are so excited to see everyone back in the building this year. This week's newsletter has loads of important details for starting the year. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please reach out to our office using the contacts listed at the bottom.

The big news this year is that the building has all new AC. Throughout the first few weeks of school, the HVAC company will still be balancing and making adjustments to the air conditioning, so your child may want to bring a hoodie or quarter-zip until we have all adjusted to our new climate. Our other exciting news is the renovation of the old auditorium into four brand new classrooms. Our band room will be done and available for use on the first day of school and the other three classrooms (including drama/choir) should be done by the end of the month.

As we approach the 2022-2023 school year, there is a lot you will need to know so I encourage you to visit our district's Back-To-School page. https://www.lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us/backtoschool.aspx You'll be able to see the district calendar, school event dates, supply lists, student handbooks, transportation (EZRoute), food service (meal prices/payment options/waivers), annual registration (Final Forms) and more!

Upcoming Events

Monday, August 15th

Open House, 5-6:45 pm

Come tour the building, meet teachers, and check out our brand new band room. Kona Ice will be on site so you can even enjoy a cool treat (if the new AC isn't enough).

Thursday, August 18th

First Day of School

As a reminder, school starts promptly at 7:30 am. Students may enter the building beginning at 7:15 am. Breakfast will be in the cafeteria for those students interested in buying breakfast. All students will report directly to their Leaders and Learners classroom.

September 5 -- Labor Day--No School

September 20-- Fall Picture Day

September 21-- 2 hour delayed start, drop off after 9:15 am, school starts at 9:30 am.

Pi Recitation Competition

Memorize as many digits of Pi as you can and register to win prizes at the Hebron Pie Festival on August 20! See the flyer below for details and the first 500 digits to get you started!

Then register to recite as many as you can for a chance to win tickets to COSI or Dawes Arboretum.


Important Back to School Information

Annual Registration--Final Forms

It's time to update your student(s) annual registration forms. We must have accurate and current contact information every year to be sure we can communicate with you about your child's learning and progress as well as in case of an illness or emergency.

We are now using Final Forms for all of our student registration, information, and communication. You should have received an email with directions on how to login. For additional information and directions on how to register, visit https://www.lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us/backtoschool.aspx.

To get started, visit https://lakewoodlocal-oh.finalforms.com/. For any additional questions, please contact Debbie Bowman, Central Registration Secretary, at 740-928-1915 or dbowman@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us.

Student Fees

You can pay your child's $40 student fee online at the link below.


If you prefer, you can pay with cash or check as well. Make checks payable to Lakewood Local Schools.

Fees should be paid by the first week of school.

Free and Reduced Meals/Feel Waiver

Unfortunately, as the pandemic winds down, student meals will no longer be free for all students. However, the federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program will still be available.

Student breakfast

Regular price - $1.50; Reduced price - 30¢

Student lunch

Regular price - $3.00; Reduced price - 40¢

Milk - 50¢ for all

Your child may qualify for free or reduced-priced lunches. If you think your child qualifies, please fill out an application and return it to your child's school or complete the on-line application below. You only need to fill out one application per household.

Free or Reduced Lunch Application (Printable Version) 2022-2023

Free or Reduced Lunch Application (Online Version) 2022-2023

Electronic Free or Reduced Meal Application Instructions

ProgressBook and Schedules

Student schedules were created over the summer to accommodate student's academic needs and desired Unified Arts electives. While we take student preference into account for electives, please note that you may see an elective on your child's schedule s/he didn't sign up for. Please encourage your child to try something new and keep an open mind. Unfortunately we do not do schedule changes unless your child's schedule is broken (meaning it is missing a core class).

You can view your child's schedule, grades, and attendance in ProgressBook. ProgressBook should be live and active for the year at this time. Once you log in, click "Schedule" under Student Information. You will then be able to see the assigned classes on the left and the teacher's name on the right. Throughout the school year, you'll also be able to view current grades and assignments anytime!

For parents/guardians who are new ProgressBook users, please click the link below to read the information under ProgressBook Parent Access. If you need a registration key to create a new account or you have trouble logging in, our school secretary, Mrs. Robinson, will be happy to assist. You may contact her at carobinson@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us or call the school at 740-928-8330.

Note: New account registration keys will be available Friday, August 12th in the afternoon.


7th Grade Immunizations Required

There are several mandatory immunizations that your child is required to receive prior to 7th grade. Please turn in an updated vaccine record for your child to the school office, attention Amy Morrison, district nurse.

Lakewood Athletic Events

We encourage all students to attend athletic events and support their friends and classmates. Middle school students gain FREE entry to all middle school athletic events. However, they are required to purchase tickets to attend high school events. New last year, all tickets must be purchased online (no cash at the gate). If you child plans to attend high school athletic events, please pre-purchase their tickets here: https://www.lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us/LancerAthletics.aspx

Parent Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off (AM)

Parents should enter the parking lot using the east entrance (immediately beside the football field) and drive straight back. Parents who arrive before 7:15 am should proceed back to the gravel parking lot and park. Please do not let your child out of your car prior to 7:15 as there will be no adults to supervise them. For parents arriving after 7:15 am, students will be dropped off along the sidewalk on the east side of the building and parents will exit behind the stadium. This allows the front of the building to be clear for the buses.

Pick Up (PM)

Parents can pick up in the gravel parking lot behind the stadium. Please be mindful of other students exiting the building. Parents can exit the parking lot behind the stadium and the baseball field onto Lancer Drive once they have their child.

Students are dismissed from the building beginning at 2:28. We stagger our dismissal to control the flow of traffic in the hallways. The last students are dismissed at 2:30.

Big picture

Wondering about 2a/2b and 7a/7b? To provide our students the best instruction, Math and English classes are blocked for a period and a half. So your child's schedule may show math for 1, 2a for example and then English for 2b, 3.

Table Talk: Questions to Get Your Kid Talking

As we head back to school, consider these conversation starters:

What are you most excited about this year?

What are you most nervous about this year?

What extracurriculars do you think you want to try this year?

Do you know all the teachers on your schedule or are there any new names you don't recognize?

What friend are you most excited to see?

Anytime they try to give you a one word answer...follow up with Why? or Tell me more? or What do you mean by that?

Get Involved!

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, "Recent research suggests that participation in extracurricular activities may increase students' sense of engagement or attachment to their school, and thereby decrease the likelihood of school failure and dropping out (Lamborn et al, 1992; Finn, 1993)." Here at LMS, we encourage all students to find at least one activity to become involved in. We have plenty of offerings for them! Here is a list of many of our offerings so you can begin talking to your child about what they may want to try this year:



Cross Country







Fine Arts:


Choir (Class and after-school)


After School Clubs:

Student Council

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math)

Future City

National Junior Honor Society


ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

Committed to Practice by Completing Every Assignment

At Lakewood Middle School, we do not accept incomplete assignments. Our teachers spend time crafting assignments designed to help your child learn and grow. Therefore, we believe it is imperative that every child complete every assignment. We will provide them the extra time (or practice) they need to complete every assignment.

If you child has a missing assignment or an assignment that needs additional practice, then he or she will be placed on the ICU list. What does this mean?

  • As a parent, you will receive a notification.
  • Students are given the opportunity to complete the assignment on their own.
  • Students are provided additional time within the school day (during Leaders and Learners or lunch typically). During this time, they will be provided with help by one of our ICU Lifeguards who will support them in assignment completion.
  • If needed, you as the parent have the option to request that your child stay after school with one of our lifeguards for more assistance.
  • As a parent, you will receive an additional notice when your child has completed the work.

ICU is not meant to be punitive or embarrassing to any student. It is designed to help every child succeed. It also means no surprises for Mom or Dad when it is time to check grades on Progressbook. You should already be aware if your child has been struggling to turn work in on time or completely done.

Middle School Dress Code

I have been flagged down by multiple students and parents this past week with questions regarding the dress code. Here is the dress code from the Student Handbook to keep in mind as your child is getting dressed each morning.

The Lakewood Local School District is preparing students to be career and college ready. Middle School students are expected to practice good personal hygiene and be dressed and groomed appropriately for the middle school setting. Any form of dress or appearance which is considered contrary to good personal hygiene, is distractive, disruptive, or otherwise deemed inappropriate by the administration for the school community, is strictly prohibited:

● Pajama pants

● Short tops (showing bare stomach), low cut tops, tank tops/muscle shirts, spaghetti straps (3 inches)

● Transparent clothing

● No jewelry with spikes (plastic or metal) or sharp edges

● Chains are not to be worn as an accessory to clothing

● Cut-off T-shirts are not permitted

● Fishnet jerseys should be worn only with a T-shirt underneath

● Advertising on clothing, such as alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is NOT permitted

● Clothing that contains sexual content, messages and/or innuendos

● Clothing that depicts violence or is associated with gang activity (including bandanas)

● Sun glasses

● Pants are not to be worn below the waist/no undergarments should be visible

● Any attire deemed inappropriate by administration

● Hats, bandanas and other non-religious head coverings including hoods are not permitted in the building

● Any attire that causes a disruption to the educational process

● No slippers or flip-flops

● Clothing should not have excessive tears or holes

Outdoor apparel (coats, vests and jackets) should be placed in the student’s locker for the duration of the day. Students who consider the building to be cold should wear sweaters, sweatshirts, or an over shirt. Students who violate the dress code will be referred to the Assistant Principal’s office. Attempts to secure appropriate clothing from home or borrow from the office will be made. According to the administrator in charge, students dressed inappropriately may be subject to disciplinary action. Repeat violators may face more severe consequences

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Kona Ice

Lancer PRIDE has teamed up with Kona Ice again this year for some sweet treats each month! Kona Ice will be at our building on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

The names of 30 students who earn Lancer PRIDE certificates each month will be pulled to receive a free Kona Ice during lunchtime. All middle school students will have the opportunity to make a purchase as well. A link to pre-pay for your child will be included in this newsletter monthly.