By Gabby Unger, Savannah Nowak, Jake Leonard and Kate Browne

Culture Introduction

Culture is how you follow your religion in a civilization. According to your religion, you will have different rules, beliefs, language, clothes, etc. People need culture because without culture you wouldn't have religion, a type of writing system, architecture, achievements, etc. The five main concepts of culture are religion, writing, architecture, innovations, and achievements. Religion impacted culture because they Writing impacted culture because without writing, you would not be able to have proper trading and government. Architecture impacted culture because it gave people unique houses, temples, and cities. Innovations impacted culture because without innovations, you wouldn’t be able to make religious items. Achievements impacted culture because they made life easier for the people. These cultural developments during the River Valley Civilizations made the largest impact on the people.

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-The rich people live in bigger houses made out of mud, and wood. After making the houses of mud and wood, but they learned how to build bigger, stronger houses.

-The poor people lived in very small houses made out of bamboo branches. This was affected by social classes

-They created cups made out of porcelain and they used them for trade.

- They made candlesticks made out of melted wax which helped them create little statues.

- Their innovations were made with elaborate designs which was eyed by many traders.




  • Silk helped China to become very wealthy and one of the top Civilizations to trade with.

  • Also the Great Wall of China helped trade, protect, and helped them conquer and expand their land.

  • Gunpowder helped conquer and fight off incoming intruders.

  • Paper was a great achievement it helped the Chinese people become more intelligent and they were smarter about what they should trade and how to build things.

  • Kung Fu was another achievements because they were the first people to make it and it taught the self defense.

  • Lastly the Compass was used to help them direct where they want to go, for example like when they want to invade other people. It would tell the person or people where to go. It was a rule when they were talking to the Emperor they had to face North they used the compass to help them put the temples in the right direction.


Culture Conclusion

In conclusion, Culture impacts writing, innovations, religion, architect, and achievements. Writing let everyone learn and improve together. Innovations impact culture because they create and help make jobs. Religion is cultural because they worship and listen to the gods. Architecture is very important to culture because they can make statues and things of their beliefs. Achievements help a civilization thrive. Culture is the arts and beliefs that you believe in and that makes you special. Culture is your daily life, it is also what you wear, sports you play, music you listen to, the food you eat, and what you celebrate. Culture is a big part of who you are and in the River Valley Civilization. Without culture there wouldn’t be writing, or innovations, and no religion, etc.