Jackie Robinson

By B. Ramos May 2016

Early Life

Jackie Robinson was born in 1919 Cairo, Georgia. According to who was Jackie Robinson book he spent most of his childhood in Pasadena, California. But in Pasadena they separated whites and colored people. Then he went to UCLA but sadly his brother frank died in an accident. All though he was a college star. He was not just a star in one sport because he was a star in several sports.


Jackie Robinson played in the Negro League for the Kansas City monarchs. Scouts from the major leagues were watching him play. One of the scouts talked to him. Then he finally played in the majors with the Brooklyn Dodgers. People didn’t like him at first but when he was MVP the team liked him. According to who was Jackie Robinson book the Dodgers went to the World Series. Then they won the World Series. After that Jackie Robinson made it to the Hall of Fame.

Celebrating Black History with Jackie Robinson for Kids (Cartoon Jackie Robinson Story)


There was boycotts no one listen to them. Jackie Robinson had a hard time in the Major Leagues. For example every time he had an away game he would get booed a lot of the time. Another thing is players would step on his ankle with metal at the bottom of the shoe. People thought he wasn’t good just because of his color so no one would like him and they would doubt him. According to Kiddle.co almost everyone threaten to kill him and his family. The people in the stands would say Jackie Robinson ruins the game. Even though they still made fun of him outside the park just because he is African American a different color then the other people.


Jackie Robinson was the first African American in the major leagues, also he is the first black in the Hall of Fame. All though Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier for baseball because of his skin color. According to Britannica he wasn’t just famous by baseball because he was the first African American to be honored. In fact he got an honorable discharge and Jackie Robinson got a presidential Medal of Freedom. Also he did things outside of baseball too. In fact he was with Martian Luther King Jr in boycotts.

Fun Fact

Jackie Robinson went to college with Martin Luther King Jr. and they were friends.