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Week of September 20, 2020


If you desire to change your child's learning environment (whether virtual or face to face) effective after fall break (to begin Quarter 2), please review the information linked below. You will need to fill out an online form before the deadline of SEPTEMBER 21st AT 3:00 PM.


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Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for October 22, 2020. Be looking for additional information coming out before fall break about this important event!! We look forward to discussing your child's Term 1 progress with you, as well as setting goals for the remainder of the year. *Conferences will be held virtually or via phone this year.*

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Important ATTENDANCE updates for 5th-8th grade VIRTUAL Students, and 6th-8th grade ALTERNATING students:

As Dr. Hanson mentioned in his phone call earlier this week, effective Monday, many students will be responsible for taking their own attendance via Canvas.

  • 5th-8th grade VIRTUAL ONLY students should take their attendance DAILY using this format.
  • 6th-8th grade grade ALTERNATING students should take their attendance on APPLICATION DAYS using this format.

Below you will find various helpful documents/videos to support your student with marking themselves "present" each day. Teachers will also be sharing this information with students in the coming week.

Virtual Only Students

Alternating Day Students

UPDATED S.A.F.E. Reopening Plan

This document has been updated to reflect the latest guidance from the health department.

Warren's Journey of a Graduate: Focus on Citizenship

As you'll recall, MSD Warren has adopted the Journey of a Graduate, or JoG, as a valuable tool to guide how we prepare ALL Warren students for high school graduation and beyond!

This year, CIMS will focus on one JoG skill each month to encourage our students on their path to graduation!

Throughout the month of September, we are focusing on CITIZENSHIP. Not only does citizenship relate to students following our district CORE values of Civility, Order, Respect, and Excellence... it also focuses on the importance of showing empathy and compassion to embrace diverse cultures and perspectives.


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The above chart shows the REQUIRED immunizations for students to have this school year, no later than October 19th. Please make sure your student is in compliance.

You can call our CIMS Clinic with any questions - 317-532-6807.

Students who are not in compliance will be excluded from school after October 19th. Attendance, as you know, is incredibly important so please make sure your child has received the appropriate vaccines!

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Your child's virtual teacher(s) will communicate the weekly schedule for your student to follow virtually. Please note that for the weeks leading up to fall break, the following schedule applies:

Monday/Wednesday = Black Cohort instruction days / Gold Cohort application days

Tuesday/Thursday = Gold Cohort instruction days / Black Cohort application days

Friday = application days for all

**NWEA Testing may continue in the coming week, so please make sure to review the schedule your child's teacher shares with you.

Student Success Handbook Signoff for VIRTUAL STUDENTS

Warren Parents and Caregivers, here is the link to our Student Success Handbook. This handbook is updated every year to include information about how we keep students and staff safe at school, along with resources for families to access as well as information on district procedures and policies. This handbook is also shared with students. Please take a moment to review and complete this as acknowledgement that you have received the handbook. Please reach out if you have any questions.

September 21 - 25 is College Go Week!

Throughout this week, CIMS scholars will engage in lessons and activities focused on COLLEGE and the various options available to students.

We have the following opportunities for spirit days this week:

  • Monday/Tuesday = Black/Gold or Creston Green!

  • Wednesday = Wear HBCU spirit wear or colors! (Visit the link and/or share with students for HBCU list)

  • Thursday/Friday = Wear a college shirt/jersey!

  • *Students who wear spirit shirts are still required to meet dress code expectations with pants, shoes, etc.

Families can access more information HERE about Indiana colleges!

#PictureYourFutureWarren #CollegeGo #WhyApply

Technology Support Information & Guidance

Signing into Gmail & Canvas through Google

Finding student passwords on ParentVUE

Parent Tech Support: If you need remote support with your device or with accessing information within our systems, please visit our Parent Tech Info page.


Students - Please see this short video on how to access Canvas via the "9 dot grid" or bookmarks in your Chrome browser. If you are able to access Canvas in general, but have issues with a particular course, please contact the course instructor/teacher directly.

Parents/Caregivers - You will need a pairing code to access your child's Canvas information. Steps to obtain the pairing code can be found here, along with an embedded video to explain how to use the pairing code. You can also visit this link, which will take you directly to additional information related to Canvas for students and parents.


As a parent or guardian of a student attending a Warren school, you have online access to your child or children's courses, grades, attendance, discipline, and academic history. As part of our transition to a new student information system called Synergy, the parent portal has been upgraded to Synergy’s ParentVue. This new portal offers parents access to student information via the Web on PCs or tablets or on a smartphone application — providing comprehensive functionality with a touch-friendly, intuitive interface. Parents who had an address in our old system received a letter with instructions on activating a new account. If you are not a new family to the District, please do not use the Online Registration module.

If you are a new family to the District and used the Online Registration module your ParentVue account is already active. If you are not a new family and you did not receive a letter complete the registration form (link HERE) and you will be contacted. After your information is verified, you will receive a username and password.

Hispanic Heritage Month!

Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off this week! Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15 by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

This year’s theme - Hispanic Americans: A History of Serving Our Nation - invites us to reflect on Hispanic Americans' service and contributions to the history of our Nation.

You can find more information on influential people here.

You can access various activities to learn more about Hispanic Heritage here.


Thank you for your continued cooperation when dropping off students in our car rider line in the morning, or picking them up in the afternoon. It is vital for all guests on our campus to maintain a low level of speed (less than 5 MPH) and to follow the instructions of both school and security staff on campus. We have specific routes and restrictions in place to maintain the safety of all those on the CIMS Campus, and it is expected and required that all drivers adhere to those procedures.

If you drop your student off for athletic practice in the afternoon, stay tuned for continued guidance on how to make sure this process goes smoothly and safely -- while I certainly understand the desire for parents to move quickly when dropping off students as you likely have other obligations to attend to, we cannot compromise safety for speed. The safety and welfare of students, parents/caregivers, and staff are far too valuable to be taken lightly and compromised just so a person or family can leave campus quickly.

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Grade 8: JobSpark Virtual Field Trip Information

Coming up on September 23rd, all 8th grade students, whether they are attending school in person, virtually, or will be at home for an application day, will have the awesome opportunity to participate in the annual JA JobSpark event! This "field trip" will be held virtually this year - all 8th graders will be expected to participate, whether in school or at home.

JobSpark is a virtual hands-on career expo impacting over 10,000 Indianapolis eighth graders. The JA JobSpark initiative includes in-class or remote curriculum and activities prior to and after attending the virtual event. JA JobSpark is meant to “spark” an interest in students and get them excited for their future. Students will learn about skills needed for jobs that will be in demand when they graduate and will learn about the equipment that is used on those jobs daily. Students will have a better understanding of the courses they will need to take in high school, a track for post-secondary, and a clear career pathway for what they find they are interested in.



In order to maintain the safety and welfare of all CIMS students, staff, and event spectators, we have implemented a couple additional security protocols at most home athletic events held at Creston. Be sure to read below!

Spectators for all sports will be limited to immediate family members. 250 total spectators will be allowed admission into CIMS events. Immediate family does include grandparents and step-parents.

  • Gates/Doors will open at 5:00 PM for spectators.

  • All spectators will be screened upon arrival, and must adhere to the MSD Warren Bag Policy (see below).

  • Face coverings are REQUIRED for all indoor events; face coverings are strongly recommended for outdoor events when social distancing does not occur.

  • Family units may sit together but must maintain 6 feet of social distancing between another family unit.

  • Fans should avoid congregating near concessions or bathrooms when applicable.

  • Concessions will be provided utilizing guidelines from ISDH and MCPHD. Concessions will be prepackaged, and concessionaires will be required to wear face coverings and gloves at all times.

  • Creston and MSD Warren administration are responsible for the safety of all guests on the CIMS Campus; any safety concerns will be addressed immediately. Fans and athletes are expected to comply with the expectations and guidance of school staff and game officials.

**Please note, all guidelines listed above follow the direction provided by the MCPHD, IHSAA, and NFHS**

Due to COVID 19 restrictions on our campus, parents or other family members will NOT be permitted to stay for practices. Students should be picked up at their designated areas no later than 6:15 pm. A valid physical dated after April 1,2019 is required for participation, as well as the accompanying documents which should be filled out on our digital platform, Final Forms. Please access all of our forms at our CIMS Athletics Website. All of us here at CIMS are focused on the health and safety of our student athletes, and we are very excited to begin another Athletics season here.

QUESTIONS? Contact CIMS Athletic Director Matt Apple:


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Every ten years, everyone living in the United States – regardless of immigration status – is counted in the census.

  • The census is important. From school boards to the U.S. House of Representatives, the census is used to distribute power – and resources – to the people. The 2020 Census will determine how much federal funding our community receives for education, healthcare, housing, transportation, emergency services, and more.
  • The census is safe. By federal law, individual responses to the census are confidential for 72 years and cannot be shared with anyone, including law enforcement, immigration, tax agencies, or even the President of the United States. Your information is private and cannot be used against you.
  • The census is easy. Completing the census for your household should only take about ten minutes and is simpler than ever to do. Your household should have received a form by mail earlier this year, but if you’ve misplaced it don’t worry! You can still respond by calling [English version: (844) 330-2020/Spanish version: (844) 468-2020] or online at
  • The census’s deadline is approaching. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deadline to respond to the 2020 Census was extended earlier this year until September 30, 2020. The date your household will reference when completing your census is April 1, 2020. Make sure you count everyone who was residing in your household on this date, including roommates, extended family, friends, and – of course – children!


Estimados Padres o Guardianes:

Le escribo hoy para llamar su atención a un evento muy importante que tendrá un impacto para nuestra escuela, comunidad y país durante la próxima década, y que se está llevando a cabo ahora mismo en todo el país: el Censo de los Estados Unidos.

  • El censo es importante. Desde juntas escolares hasta la Cámara de Representantes y Senadores de los Estados Unidos, el censo se usa para distribuir poder y recursos a la gente. El Censo de 2020 determinará cuántos fondos federales recibe nuestra comunidad para educación, atención médica, vivienda, transporte, servicios de emergencia y más.
  • El censo es seguro. Según la ley federal, las respuestas individuales al censo son confidenciales durante 72 años y no se pueden compartir con nadie, incluyendo las agencias de policía, las agencias de inmigración, las agencias de impuestos, ni el presidente de los Estados Unidos puede acceder sus respuestas. Su información es privada y no se puede utilizar en su contra.
  • El censo es fácil. Completar el censo de su hogar solo toma diez minutos y es más sencillo que nunca. Su hogar debería haber recibido un formulario por correo a principios de este año, pero si no lo lleno, ¡no se preocupe! Aún puede responder en español llamando al (844) 468-2020 o en línea en .
  • Se acerca la fecha límite del censo. Debido a la pandemia de COVID-19, la fecha límite para responder al Censo del 2020 se extendió principios de este año hasta el 30 de septiembre de 2020. La fecha de referencia de su hogar al completar su censo es el 1 de abril de 2020.

School District Publications / News Media Use

The occasion may arise when the school district wants to recognize your child or your child's school. This may include your child's photo, your child's name or your child's work in district publications, newsletters, on school district websites, and in electronic/social media or in staff training videos. We may also want to tell the media (including newspapers, television, and radio) about your child's achievements. We never knowingly release information about a student to anyone who wants to use it for commercial/political purposes. However, we will honor your request to not include your child in these types of recognitions if you notify your child's school office in writing that you do not want this type of information released.

Covid-19 Information for Parents

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