Trick Ridding Horses

Adina Wiebe

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Trick ridding is a sport that includes a lot of concentration.You have to be very flexible to do all the tricks on horseback while the horse is going 30 or 40 mph.
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Death Drag

The death drag is a very dangerous trick.You have to make sure that your foot is hooked into the stirrup.So you don't fall and break your neck, back or maybe even death.
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The Hippodrome

The hippodrome is one of the most famous tricks used in trick ridding.Your legs have to be very stable,you have to make your whole body stiff so you don't fall off and hurt yourself.To get this trick or any trick perfect you have to start off slow and practice a lot to get it right.
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This trick lives up to its name all right.Because all of your weight is put onto one side of the horse.If it is not done right then you could really break your back.
Crazy cowgirls trick riding --

Crazy cowgirls trick riding

This video shows you some of the tricks that you can do one horse back!
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The Graham Sisters

These two sisters are professional trick riders.They have done this type of thing for years.
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One of the Graham Sisters

You can see that being a trick rider is not all fun and games.You have to train everyday until you get it perfect.But there are also a lot of fun things that you can do while ridding.After all that hard work something great comes after words.