Your Body!

The articles below will give you more information on how your body systems work and what sports benefit from the different systems.

Use the links to read up on the different systems and allow for a better understanding of each system.

You have 4 different body systems in your body that you will need to research further these are:

The Cardiovascular System

The Respiratory System

The Musculoskeletal System

The Energy System

Get Ahead Of The Game With BrianMac!

The link below will take you to BrianMac website. A one stop shop for sport physiology knowledge. This will enable you to explore the human body and go into more detail than we have covered so far in lessons.

BEWARE: This website has in the past been heavily plagiarised and is well known to all exam boards.

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Get Direct Info From PTDIRECT!

This website has many great explanations on the different systems of the body and some great diagrams to be used in assignments as long as you reference where they came from!

English Institute of Sport

This is a great resource to use for assignments and you wil find it really helpful when we move into the long term adaptations where an in depth knowledge is essential.