The Final HAMSLetter

Bi-Weekly Newsletter (May 15 - 26 , 2022)

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!


It is important for scholars to finalize and submit any assignments on or before the last day of school. Please check with your scholar's classroom teachers to determine the due date for any pending assignments. There will be NO EXTENSIONS for assignments beyond the last day of school.

Report cards will be posted on Power School on June 4th.

Device Collection Begins May 23rd

Chromebook/Mobile Hot Spot collection will begin the last week of school.

  • Scholars will be responsible for turning in devices through their grade level teams during this week.
  • Virtual scholars will have until June 4th to return their devices to the building.

Please have scholars remove any stickers prior to turning them in. Devices, hot spots (if assigned one), and chargers should be submitted in good condition. The District's IT department will assess damages to any devices.

End of Year Events @ HAMS

The month of May boasts a lot of fun activities for scholars as we wind up the school year. In the coming weeks, we will have our HAMS Showcase event, our National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony, 8th Grade Celebration, and our end of year field day, not to mention various incentives that teachers have planned for grade-level teams.

We expect student behavior to be school appropriate and, as such, have incentivized our end-of-year event. Students who have an office referral or or an Out-of-School suspension beginning May 4th will NOT be able to participate in the field day. We will begin announcing our behavior expectations with students on Monday, May 2nd.

HAMS Showcase - May 23rd

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HAMS Field Day - May 25th

EF Tours International Travel Opportunities for 2023

Dear Reynoldsburg families,

I’m excited to announce that Reynoldsburg students are being offered several international educational travel opportunities in 2023.

Please click here to register for Reynoldsburg Virtual Travel Night on May 17th at 6:30pm to save your seat and to receive the Zoom link for the meeting. There are limited spots available on these trips, so please make sure to RSVP & attend if you and/or your child(ren) are interested in learning more.

Several trips are being offered across the district, including opportunities to Costa Rica, Belize, Spain and Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam. All trips will be highlighted at the meeting on May 17th. At this meeting, you’ll hear all the details, including the itineraries, academic opportunities, costs of these trips and enrollment options – including taking advantage of EF’s risk-free enrollment period.

We know that when students travel, they expand their knowledge of the world around them, discover more about themselves, and grow more confident. By taking part in this experience, students will be given the chance to step outside their comfort zone, experience a new culture, and see the world from a different perspective. These skills are critical for creating the global citizens of tomorrow, and I would love to have your student participate on one of these adventures.

Can’t make the meeting but want more information? RSVP and select “No but send info.”

Thank you,

David Baker

Renee Coley

Renee has been a pillar of the HAMS staff for many years. She is always willing to listen, collaborate and aid her fellow teachers. She is also positive and creative in her teaching. She encourages her students to learn in a 21st century style, and incorporates technology into her lessons in many different ways. Outside of school Renee is always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge of teaching through independent book studies and professional development opportunities. Furthermore, she is helping the next generation of educators by training them in the methodology. HAMS is lucky to have her!
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HAMS Staff Member of the Month

This year, we have been recognizing a HAMS Staff Member of the Month! Our staff works incredibly hard to support HAMS scholars, and they deserve to be recognized. So far, our recognized staff has been Ashley Pittman (Social Worker), Erin Betsko (Art Teacher), Hunter Haswell (Math Teacher), Roz Lewis (Math Teach/Gifted Intervention Specialist), Emily Mascia (Spanish Teacher), Debbie Shapiro (Intervention Specialist), and April Oates (Career Connections Teacher)

Grade 5

Please contact your child's teachers for updates.

Grade 6

Math (Babb)- Scholars have completed their Shark Tank Financial Plan and will begin working on their floor plan (blueprint).

Math (Griffin)- Scholars have completed Shark Tank Financial Plans and are working on their Shark Tank Store Layout.

Science (Babb)- This week scholars are creating their prototypes for the Shark Tank Project.

Science (Miller)- This week scholars are creating their prototypes for the Shark Tank Project. Students also are completing their Bloom Ball for the final project for science class. All work is due before they leave for the summer.

Humanities- Our scholars are continuing to work hard on their Shark Tank Projects. This week they are working on their Business Plans in Humanities, and next week they will be working on their final presentations. Their Shark Tank projects are due Friday May 20th and presentations to community members will take place on May 23rd and 24th.

Grade 7

*Field Day is coming to HAMS on Wednesday, May 25th. The day will be filled with cooperative games and activities. Field day must be earned by scholars by showing positive behaviors and academic participation. Please encourage your scholar to complete their school work and follow behavior expectations.

-On May 25th please have your scholar wear sunscreen, wear athletic shoes, and bring a refillable water bottle.

In ELA with Ms. Lawrence, scholars are completing the final project of the year, a passion project. Scholars are able to choose a passion of their choice to explore (approved by Ms. Lawrence) and after completing research on their passion, scholars are able to present their findings in a format of their choice (google slides, podcast, flipgrid, poster, volunteer work, etc.)

In Science with Ms. Rogers, scholars are finishing up building marshmallow launchers. Scholars will be testing them and calculating the speed of our launchers next week. We will end the year by making a final presentation video describing the launchers students have designed.

In Social Studies with Mr. Perkins, scholars are officially done with testing and now only have 1 major assignment left for the remainder of the year: The design of your own Utopia project. In this project students will use knowledge gained throughout the year to create their own hypothetical perfect society. Students are to create a portfolio by completing 10 tasks including: government, Declaration of Independence, create a flag, a seal, a mascot/animal to represent your place, and more. This is a big project, it is worth 65 points. It is very important that students are completing at least 1 task each day because this is due next Friday. There will be no extensions on this project because chrome book turn in will occur early in the week on the last week of school. Please encourage your student to try their best on this project because it will have a tremendous impact on their quarter 4 grade!

In Math for the next few weeks with Ms. Fox, Students just finished their math MAP tests and will know if they met their growth goal this week. We will be working on reflecting for the year on their goals they set at the beginning of the year and continuing our content to finish out the school year. Please encourage students to check their grades on Echo and complete ALEKS lessons.

The seventh grade Enriched Math class with Ms. Lewis, is finishing up their last project of the year – a tetrahedral kite! After a small amount of research of Isaac Newton, Daniel Bernoulli, and Alexander Graham Bell, the students have used straws, tissue paper, and string to create a kite shaped like a tetrahedron; which is one of the most stable of all solid shapes. The class will measure lengths of sides, calculate the volume & surface area of the object(s), compute scale, and answer questions regarding tetrahedra. We will be taking our creations to the sky as we attempt to fly the finished product.

Regarding the district-required year-end assessment, the Math Enriched students and their families should be very proud of their accomplishment. As a class, the students’ percent of projected growth, that was met, was over 150%. Over eighty percent of the class met and/or exceeded their annual growth goal. Great work and Congratulations!

Reminders . . .

  • Please send your scholars to school with necessary supplies. Many scholars are arriving at school without pencils.

  • If your scholar is quarantined, please encourage your scholar to continue to log into ECHO daily and complete classwork. This will prevent your scholar from returning to school behind on classwork.

  • We are seeing an increase of students using cell phones at school. There is still a strict no cellphone policy here at HAMS. Cell phones must be out of sight at all times. If a student has a cellphone out, it is to go to the office immediately until the end of the day. Please remind your scholars the importance of following this policy.

  • Please make sure your scholar arrives at school with a charged chromebook or device. We are seeing an increase of students showing up without a computer or with a dead computer. This causes disruption to learning.

  • We are seeing an increase in missing work among scholars. Please continue to look at ECHO for grades and missing assignments for your scholar. Scores that appear in red in ECHO are failing scores and need to be reworked and resubmitted. Scores that appear green in Echo are passing scores.

  • Please send your scholar to school with a water bottle. Covid prevents us from using drinking fountains, unless using a water bottle.

  • We are seeing an increase in students touching/taking items that do not belong to them and failing to keep their hands to themselves. Please speak with your scholar regarding the importance of keeping hands to themselves and respecting the belongings of others.

Grade 8

Please contact your child's teachers for updates.

Family Meal Program

Hello, HAMS families,

Reynoldsburg City Schools have once again partnered with Children's Hunger Alliance to provide weekend food boxes to those who may be interested. These meal packs have 5 shelf-stable, non-perishable, meals (3 regular, 2 breakfast) and are available to students across RCSD. If you are interested in signing your child up, please complete the form below.

Students will be able to collect their weekend box from Mrs. Pittman on Fridays. If there is no school on Fridays, the boxes will be available on Thursday.

Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.

In addition to updates of events in our HAMSLetter, we have created a HAMS family calendar!! You can add this google calendar to your own by clicking the link below.

HAMS Family Calendar

HAMS New Tech Showcase (formerly Science Night)

Monday, May 23rd, 5-7pm

1482 Jackson Street

Reynoldsburg, OH

More details to come . . .

8th Grade Celebration

Tuesday, May 24th, 8am

1482 Jackson Street

Reynoldsburg, OH

Families should have received a communication via email regarding this event. If you have not, please contact our Main Office.

Field Day

Wednesday, May 25th, 12pm

1482 Jackson Street

Reynoldsburg, OH

Last Day of School/End of Q4

Thursday, May 26th, 7:30am

1482 Jackson Street

Reynoldsburg, OH

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Student Handbook

Please download a copy of our 2021 - 22 School Year Student Handbook. Hard copies will be provided to families and can also be found on our school website at

Ms. Breen Slauter, Principal

Mr. Toby Quinn, Assistant Principal

Ms. Suzanne Robetoy, Administrator of Student Support

Mrs. Ashley Pittman, Social Worker

Mrs. Quan Boyd, Secretary

Mrs. Kerry Riggs, Secretary

Office Hours are 7:00am to 3:00pm