$10,000 in 3 hours to Spend

By: Christopher Vazquez

Narrative Writing Essay

10,000$ in 3 hours to Spend

One of the best days of my life started when I went through the park to have a have fun with the family. When I get a call from a stranger saying that I had won 10,000 dollars I jumped up and down up and down I was so happy that I had I just won 10,000 dollars. But then he said there is a catch he said that I only had three hours to spend the money on or the rest of the money that I do not spend in less then three hours they take the rest away. So I went to go get the money either going there to be happy or going there to be sad with only three hours to spend that money. I got the money wondering what to do with the 10,000 I got from someone I don’t know about or yet to know about.

So I told my family about the good news and there bad news from my phone call. First I told them that I just won 10,000 dollars from a random stranger. Then I told them the bad news that I only have three hours to spend that money on. So they sighed and then they look at sad so they wondered why in three hours to spend it, I wondered the same thing when he said it. They wondered why though they were bothered by that but they were still happy that I had just won 10,000 dollars.

Later on I told my friends and cousins and they all said the same thing “Wow’’ when i told them the big news. But then said “aw"when I told them I only had three hours to spend it unless they take the money that I don’t spend. So once that was over I went to go talk to the guy to tell him to give me more time. Once I got there I told him my question he said no because 10,000 dollars is a lot so the benefit of getting 10,000 is that you have three hours to spend it. Then I went to go home sad that I had three hours to spend 10,000 but then I still was happy I had won that much money just walking through the park.

My family took me to Walmart to see what I can buy in the next three hours. I went in the store to see what I can buy I there was a lot of things to buy but the only thing that was a bumper is the I only had three hours to spend it. So I got things for my family to start with like new necklaces and new drills and a new video games. So that took about half of the three hours that I had and now that 1 hour and 30 minutes was wasted I only had 7,000 dollars left. Later on we bought a little hose and that took about an hour so I had 30 minutes left and 1,000 left so in last 30 minutes I bought the family a trip to Disneyland to have a fun time to spend together but that took 800 away and that the 200 was sent back to the stranger on the phone.

So then once we got back they were happy to get to go to Disneyland one more time and after that I went to go to the stranger to say thanks for the money that I had won because of him. Once we were done with the money and the thanks to give the stranger we simply went home to have a nice day.