Block 4 Language Arts

Making Reading Real!

Today's Learning Targets and Essential Question

Learning Targets

I can cite textual evidence to support inferences drawn from the text.

I can determine how a character develops throughout a story.

Essential Question:

How does inferencing help us to become better thinkers?

Station Rotations for 10/5 & 10/6

Station Expectations

- All stations maintain a quiet and efficient work environment

- 20-25 minutes per station

- Mrs. Alford will facilitate and monitor

Station 1: FAST

Students will...

- Analyze a character of their choice using the FAST strategy.

Capricorn Anderson

Zach Powers

Hugh Winkleman

Sophie Donnelly

Naomi Erlanger

Students will be graded on...

- The completion of the FAST chart in their ILAN.

- Students have a minimum of two pieces of evidence to show their FAST analysis.

Station 2: Ready

Students will...

- Finish "President's Speech to Students" packet.

- Complete 20 minutes on iReady lessons.

Students will be graded on...

- "President's Speech to Students" multiple choice questions (mark out #4)

- Time, participation, and growth on iReady lessons.

Station 3: Novel Ideas

Students will...

- Read along with the following video of Chapters 10-11.

Chapters 10-11


-Once completed, complete the Chapter 10-11 Check-Up on GoFormative.

Students will be graded on...

- Using logic and reasoning when answering comprehension questions based on the novel Schooled.

Station 4: Character Traits

Students will...

- Create a list of words that describe a character, using the Thesaurus to help find new and interesting words.

Materials Needed:

-Macbook charged

-Character Trait WS



1) Working with your group, collaborate to create a list of words to describe characters. Using your Macbook, use the Thesaurus feature and Google to come up with better words to describe characters in a story.

2) Glue your list in your ILAN on the NEXT clean FRONT page.

Students will be graded on...

- Completion of the Character Traits WS

- Character Traits WS glued into ILAN (DOT DOT, NOT A LOT)