About me

Just a little bit


I like music a lot i make dubstep,metal and techno core songs I goof around a lot with people. when i first meet people i'm extremely shy. but once i open up it's a roller coaster of funny moments. I don't have a job due to me having to focus on school but in school i'm trying to do better


The negative things i see in my gender are. Guys shouldn't wear skinny jeans,you can't cry,you have to be tough and you have to be the one that works the hardest. I don't really think there are any positives. because both genders can do the same thing as ther another.


My classmates see me as a some weird "emo" kid. and a really quite guy for the most part until they really get to know me. Then they see the weird,funny,caring and awkward side of me. My teachers see me mostly as a student with a small amount of motivation in school. i'm trying to change that line now. My family sees me as a gifted musician and song writer. My friends see me as the kindest and most awkward friend they have.

reasons why i chose Antonio

Antonio and i are a lot alike. we both like to take risks. we aren't afraid to speak up and tell people to stop fighting. We both would try to save the people we love even if it meant that we could die in the process


Abandon All Ship-Take One Last Breath (Lyrics)