haiti eartquake

By:Courtney Crowe


The Haiti earth quake in port u prince was a sad and complicated day for Haiti Canada and other parts of the world. On January 12 2012 on a Richter scale of 7.0 the deadly earthquake struck at 4:58 pm. Immediately volunteers from the Canadian red cross were sent out to Haiti help with recovery. our school (Trillium Woods) provided pop corn for students who brought 2$ each toonie was given to charities in Haiti

how was canada involved

Canada was a huge help right away we transported trucks of buckets of water from Toronto. Canada was a huge help by evacuating 4620 residents on 49 flights. Canada has been a huge help with reconstruction. The CIDA (Canadian international development association) has distributed 150.5 million dollars. 2000 soldiers came from the Canadian army came to port u prince and provided 1.5 million meals and 2.6 million litres of drinkable water and Canada has pledged 400 dollars to help

how could canada help/prevent this

Canada is helping/preventing this by donating money to Haiti sending builders to help build stronger buildings sending nurses and sending army and navy to help with injury. Canada is helping this by donating over 1 billion dollars and worker aid to help rebuild houses and make them stronger so if this happens again there would be less affect

what is the isssue

78% of Haitians live on less than 2 $ a day so we helped them with that we gave them 1.5 million meals and 2.6 million liters of water that also helped because they are the third hungriest country in world. Before we donated millions of dollars they did not have money for reconstruction and there was no support on structures.
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Haiti Recovering, Improving, 3 Years After Quake