Food story Rougemont Apple Juice

By: Diana & Youssra

Where were the apples grown?

The apples that are ingredients in our food in Canada are either grown in Canada or the United States, the Rougemont apple juice brand is made in Canada. The apples in the juice are picked from a farm called Pommeraie d'Or in Quebec.

How is the apple juice processed?

First what happens is the workers put the apples in a machine and that machine takes away any leaves or dirt on the apples to make them clean. Next they wash the apples with water and end it off with a spray of cool water. Then they are put in a grinder to be cut into small pieces, now they are in a machine that squeezes out the juice and there is this tiny part inside that keeps back the skins, seeds, and stems of the apple. They filter the apples the first time and it makes it's way to the second machine which filters the apple juice for the second time and some particles are added. Finally they add the apple juice in juice boxes and add 2 drops of hot glue for attaching the straw.

How is it transported?

After the apple juice is all ready to go, the workers pack the juice boxes in large boxes and put in a truck. The truck will be taken to multiple supermarkets for selling. After they are done with the juice boxes (after finished drinking) they would recycle the box and throw the straw in the garbage.

How is this affecting us and our environment?

This is affecting us because of all the sugar, this juice has a lot of sugar in a small portion, and also sugar is not only causing diabetes, but it's a major cause of obesity if you get lazy and don't exercise every now and then. This affects the environment because from the transportation (cars, trucks, etc.). It causes a lot of gas from the vehicle and that is not good at all especially if they are driving for long distances.