Aaron Hernandez Scandal

The Scandal

Aaron Hernandez was accused of shooting five people, leaving three dead and the other two wounded. He was a convicted murderer, sentenced to life without parole on April 15th. Odin Lloyd was a semi-professional football player, he was the sister of Hernandez's Fiancee. Daniel de Abreu and Safiro furtado were two immigrants that bummed into Hernandez in a nightclub and slipped their drinks. Later that night outside of the nightclub Hernandez pulled up and killed both of them near the nightclub.

Aaron's side of the scandal

Hernandez stated, "I hope that the time of the incident becomes public because I was at the club during the shooting." The security video contradicts his claim, he wasn't at the club the time of the shooting like he had said he was.

Top people involved in the scandal

Did the scandal effect the sport?

The Patriots cut all the ties they had with Hernandez shortly after his arrest. Fans of the Patriots have taken their eyes off of football and onto the scandal of Aaron Hernandez.