Why we should not be forced to take vaccines


Vaccines give immunity to certain diseases. Edward Jenner developed the first vaccines in the 1790s for smallpox. By the 20th century, several successful vaccinations were made. in order to prevent diseases, children are recommended to take vaccinations once their immune systems are fully developed.

Why am I anti-vaccination?

I think parents should not be required to vaccinate their children because there have been numerous cases where kids less than a year old have gotten them and had high fevers & whooping cough as side effects. Some were later diagnosed with autism.
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Cons for vaccinations

- Vaccine risks are different for each kid

- Some children that get vaccinations at a very young age are eventually diagnosed with autism (linked to vaccines)

- Vaccines are not controllable

- May be against religious belief

- Whooping cough and high fevers are side effects of vaccinations

- Parents should be able to make their own choices if the government is to strict

Pros for vaccines

- Children have a better chance of getting the disease when not vaccinated

- No vaccinations put others at risk

- Vaccinations lowers kids chances of getting future diseases