Terrorism Control

Terrorism Banning

Terrorism is a main problem in the U.S. and is starting to get out of control and needs to be maintained. In order to limit terrorism the United States needs to individually make sure that each citizen is trustworthy. Whether that means building a wall or trying to do it civilly and the right way.


The downside to this amendment is that the Muslim people might feel like they are being targeted due to the small group of Islamic terrorists that they get categorized with. This might cause a civil war between the U.S. and the middle east which could provoke a big war.

The Good Side.

If all works out with this amendment then the outcome is simple. Less terrorism and terrorist attacks. This amendment wouldn't cost much money if it is going to be settled with obediently because each citizen would be individually investigated and watched after. Then the other alternative is building a wall to keep terrorists out. That would be the cruel and unfair way to deal with the situation but the wall would cost $100-200 million.